Commission Types

Chaos Array Studios offers three main types of commission art. Private Commissions, Personal Commissions, and Work-for-Hire Commissions. While each type may be similar to the others they do each have their own distinguishing traits and conditions of legal permissions. If you’re unsure what type of commission your request falls under please feel free to contact the Studio.

Private Commissions

Private Commissions are defined as being fan art requests featuring a person or character from established source material. Comic books, movies, and literary sources are a few examples. The art being requested is solely for your private non-commercial use. You are purchasing only the physical art itself and have no rights to the commercial reproduction of the image at any time (i.e. you cannot sell prints or any other merchandise featuring the art). As the artist, I retain all rights to the specific image created however I also cannot commercially reproduce the image at any time unless I obtain proper licensing rights from the creator of the source material (I cannot legally sell prints or merchandise either.)

Personal Commissions

Personal Commissions are defined as art created based on the customer’s own Original Character (OC) or Role Playing Game Character. What this means is you created the character which you’re requesting a commission for. The art being requested is solely for your personal non-commercial use, however you are granted the permission to publicly display the image in a non-commercial manner. Post it on your blog, your Tumblr, your Facebook; wherever you like (just please credit me). While you as the creator retain all legal rights to the character, I as the artist retain the rights to the specific image and you cannot reproduce the image for commercial purposes in any manner. Similarly, while I retain the rights to the specific image and may display it in a digital or physical portfolio as an example of my body of work, I cannot legally reproduce the image for commercial purposes without obtaining your permission. What that means is neither of us has the legal right to sell prints or merchandise featuring the image without the others permission to do so.

Personal Commissions also include requests for art featuring general imagery subject matter. Dragons, zombies, and bad-ass spartan warriors for example. Everything stated above is the same; you will own the original physical art with no legal rights to the reproduction of the image for any commercial use. The only difference being that I then have full reproductive rights to the image being created and can reproduce or market the image for commercial use however I choose and do not require your permission to do so.


Work-for-Hire Commissions are commissions being requested with the potential or specific intent of being used in a commercial manner. This could include but not be limited to; art for the cover of your comic book, a pin-up featuring your character for promotional purposes, or even an initial or revised design of your character. These types of commissions are often more expensive than the previous two as you are purchasing the exclusive commercial reproduction rights to the image. You can publish the image, sell prints, and produce merchandise featuring the image however you choose. There will be a standard work-for-hire contract involved along with details regarding any permissions granted to me as the artist regarding the work will be discussed as a part of the contract.