Q. Will you draw me something?

  • Absolutely!

Q. Will you draw me?

  • No. Please stop asking. I also will not draw your kid, spouse, sibling, pet, or significant other.

Q. How do I request a commission?

  • You can send an email to chaosarray@gmail.com with the details of your request and we’ll go from there.

Q. When do I have to pay?

  • Payment is due before any work begins. The longer you delay sending payment the longer your request takes to be entered into the work list to be completed.

Q. Is there anything you won’t draw?

  • There are some things that I won’t draw and I do reserve the right to reject any request with or without reason being provided.

Q. So you’ll draw nudity?

  • I have no problem with nudity. I’m even okay with gratuitous nudity and unnecessary nudity. Though I will most likely reject hardcore porn requests.

Q. What do I get when I request a commission?

  • Once complete you’ll be the proud new owner of some bonafide 100% original artwork created just for you, which comes packaged with a feeling of humanitarian pride in being one of the few remaining patrons of the arts left in the world, completely free of charge as my gift to you!

Q. Can you draw me something in [insert other artist name here]’s style?

  • I would suggest you go ask that particular artist for a commission instead.

Q. Am I limited to the options you list on the commission pages?

  • Not at all! The commission price listings are for general requests. If you want something different, such as a larger or smaller paper size, or maybe other things included beyond a basic figure, I can certainly take care of that for you. Just remember that any deviation from the general request style commission will also deviate from the prices listed.

Q. What’s the turnaround time on a commission?

  • There’s too many factors at play to give an honest ballpark time frame on this. It could be a matter of days, it could be a month or more. It honestly all depends on how many requests are on the worklist in front of yours in conjunction with my availability to work that list and how elaborate your particular commission request is. I will however keep you updated and not leave you out in the cold wondering when your picture is going to show up. You can also cancel your request at any time before work begins if the wait gets to be too long and receive a full refund.

Q. Is your commission work traditional or digital?

  • All commissions are done completely as traditional art so you are purchasing the actual physical artwork that you can hold in your hands or hang on your wall.