Private Commissions

All private commissions are drawn on a custom heavy-weight Chaos Array card stock measuring 8.5 x 11 inches. There are three types and three levels of commissions available to select from. All prices listed are for a single image of a single character and are subject to change based on the content of the request.


Portrait Bust Full
Sketch (red or blue) $25 US $35 US $45 US
Ink (black and white) $35 US $45 US $55 US
Color (marker) $45 US $55 US $65 US

Shipping is extra and not included in the prices above. All private commissions are shipped domestically via USPS at the flat shipping rate of $6.45 US and include a rigid protective sleeve. International shipping rates will vary.

Private Commission Levels

Sketch (red or blue):

  • Sketches are made in your choice of either a red or blue pencil. If no option is chosen the artist will pick for you. While sketches vary from loose to tight, the finished image will be clear though construction and “ghost” lines may still be visible.

Ink (black and white):

  • Inked work is black and white work completed with archival quality ink. All pencil lines will be erased leaving a final clean and polished rendering of the character selected.

Color (marker):

  • Colored work is fully inked and colored with archival quality ink and markers.
Private Commission Types

Portrait Commission:

  • A character portrait features the head and neck area with the face as the focal point

Bust Commission:

  • A character bust varies though typically includes the head, shoulders, and chest. A bust may also include the arms or a waist up composition at the artist’s discretion.

Full Commission: 

  • A full character commission will feature the character from the knees up or more. As much of the figure will be included as composition space allows. The image may also extend off the surface area of the media.